It was much more seasonable temperatures this week, highs in the 40s with cold nights. I was walking home one night. It was chilly but not freezing cold. My apartment complex has a space in the center. It has a grill, a fire pit, some speakers, and a fire pit. People use it for parties. It also has a bad wifi internet connection for streaming music. As I walked by I laughed to myself. I had imagined some poor guy out there with a hood and a laptop. I looked back and it was a guy in a hood huddled over the glow of a laptop screen. For some reason, this really confused and intrigued me. I waked up to him and asked him what he was doing with this exact wording. “What are you doing? And why are  you doing this thing you are doing?”

He had just moved in and the internet wasn’t turned on in his apartment yet. He worked in IT and needed to login to work to fix something that was broken. Why wasn’t he using his phone? I didn’t ask. I told him good luck and went inside. I could see him out my window. He was out there for about a half hour.

I Burn a Pizza

On Sunday I made a homemade pizza. I mean all the way homemade, from like flour and water for the dough.  I make enough dough for 2 personal size pizzas. I cooked one and ate it. Afterward, I put the other one in the oven. It takes about 15 minutes at 400F. I am sitting at the computer when I smell the pizza.  Oops I had forgotten about it. I jump up and run to the over. I open the door. It’s not burned but just about perfect. I sighed thankfully and turned off the oven. About 5 minutes later I am sitting at the computer again and smell burning.  I had never taken the pizza out of the oven. Luckily I had turned the oven off. The pizza wasn’t completely burned just a little blackened in parts.