Saturday night I was unusually tired and went to sleep early. Just a little after ten pm and it was time change day so I’d probably be awake really early. I had plans to drive up to Chicago for a lunch and to see my parents. I woke up at about 2 and went to the bathroom. I was amazed how cold it was and I was getting chills. Back under the blankets everything was super warm. I had some dreams I didn’t remember and woke up again just an hour or so later. I got up to pee again. It was all cold again and I had chills and it was hard to maintain my balance. After climbing back into the warm bet I wondered if maybe I had a fever.

There were four big cubes of different colors. I had to get the cubes all together properly so I could get out. I could control the cubes but the cubes could control me. I kept trying to get the cubes right so I could get out. I got them all in a square that formed a bigger cube but then there was a giant.

I awoke in a pool of sweat. I went into the bathroom and checked my temperature.. Yep I had a fever. I went back to bed where thankfully I didn’t dream of anymore cubes.