As I have documented, Jobu has a bad habit of waking me up when I try to sleep.  I woke one early morning to Jobu whining. It was louder and more incessant than his normal whine.  I mostly try to ignore his attempts to disturb my sleep but I got worried that something was actually wrong.

I climbed out of bed “What’s wrong Jobu? What’s wrong?”

Jobu slowly walked out of the room and I followed. He went into the kitchen to his food dish and looked at me begging. There was still food in his dish. It was about a quarter full.

“Really? You woke me up for this?”

He looked at me “Daddy I’m going to die.”

I sighed and filled his food dish.

He sniffed the fresh food and gave me a look like, I don’t want this. Then he walked away.

A couple of days later I was sleeping in late and the whining started.  “DADDY DADDY GET UP TERRIBLE THINGS ARE HAPPENING!”

I get up and he walks past me and jumps on the bed to curl up where I had been sleeping. I guess I was getting up. Two minutes later he comes out of the bedroom and curls up in his cat bed.