I was a passenger in a big jet being flown by a russian guy. He kept talking to us during the flight. For some reason he decided to fly really low over a city. We were flying under bridges and over stop lights.  We flew under a bridge but there was a stopped bus and we crashed into it. As the plane smashed into the bus and we all started to die, me and the passenger next to me used our brain powers to stop the crash and make everybody survive. After that we went to a hospital room and had a bunch of tests done to make sure we were ok. Some time after that I was walking through a mall. It was designed as a big circle around an open area in the middle. Then we started to get on the plane again with the russian pilot.  I objected wondering why we were doing this again since the plane would crash. I was then back in the hospital room getting checked out. I protested that it was all happening again. That’s when I realized they were all aliens. I was able to see through there disguises. The head alien admitted that they were aliens.  He started to walk me through there spaceship. They had been putting me in a delusion so I wouldn’t panic. They were friendly but they didn’t know how I would handle knowing they had me. The mall was actually the spaceship.  He took me  into the hanger to show me the space fighter I had been flying when they captured me.  My two fellow humans were still unconscious laying in tubes on the space fighter.  The alien said I could fly away if I wanted to since I knew how to fly the fighter. I jumped in and started flying around.. I zoomed through space and fired the one laser cannon on the ship.  I flew down to an apartment block on earth and then tried to help this teenager who had a crush on his next-door neighbor. Then I woke up.

On Tuesday night I went for a walk. As I walked down a path a big fluffy dog came out from a sidewalk and walked up to me all friendly. I pet her and told her I would take her home. She followed me about a half block down the sidewalk and then ran off between two houses. She looked back as if to think me and then wandered away.

The next night I was out for another walk when I noticed a big German shepherd running at me. My fear quickly turned to perplexed joy. The dogs tail was wagging so hard I thought she would break apart. She was very happy to be free to run around and love humans.

I took Thursday and Friday off work to help my Mom buy a car and a new phone.  We got the phone, didn’t get the car. I had a good visit seeing family and friends, both human and dog.