On Saturday I went to my parents to see family. It was a nice fall day when I left, sunny and in the 50s. At some point, as we hung out at my Mom’s Bud, the dog so ugly he’s cute needed to go for a walk. I put on my hoodie and out we went. The temperature had plummeted. I don’t know what it was but it was cold. Bud didn’t care. He started marching us around the neighborhood at full speed. Several blocks later he did his business. Suddenly the wind picked up like I was in a thunderstorm. Only it wasn’t rain falling from the clouds but little stinging pellets of ice. “Time to go home Bud”. Unfortunately, the way home was three blocks north directly into the ice pelting me in the face. I am not sure if it was because he was low to the ground or because he has fur, but Bud didn’t care.  As I tried to drag him back home he kept stopping to smell everything.  By the time I got home my hands were numb.