As I’ve mentioned before I have a new (to me) car. A 2015 Honda Fit that used to be my Moms. It has an automatic 7 speed transmission, or so I thought. If you put it in drive it works like any other transmission. It also has paddle shifters that you can go 1-7 with. I don’t use them. Right below the D for drive is an S,  I assume for sport. I tried out the sport mode. not sure what to expect. First thing I noticed was how noisy the engine kept being. And it did have a lot of pull when you stepped on the gas. That’s when I realized it wasn’t shifting gears. The engine got to about 3k revs and it just stayed there no matter what speed. I found out my car has a CVT.  I don’t really like it. It doesn’t drive like what I am used to. Not shifting just seems weird and since it keeps the engine revving higher it uses more gas.