As I have mentioned many times I grow things on my balcony. I got 8 pots out there growing various things.  I left 2 unplanted for the early catnip crop to come in. Jobu wanders out and noms a lot on those.  The rest are planted with tomatoes, peppers, and herbs.  I noticed some weeks growing up with the tomato plant. Being lazy I didn’t bother to take them out. I just let them grow. I noticed they were producing perfect round little berries that turned a dark color.  I have a horticulturist friend, so I took some picture like the one below and showed them to him. From the blurry pictures he guessed it was nightshade.  After a little research I became convinced. I thought about trying some micro dosing since nightshade in small quantities can be a hallucinogenic. See if I got get my trip on.  ( I didn’t really consider this ) Then I remembered Jobu likes to hang out on the balcony and Jobu is VERY VERY stupid. I could imagine him going out there and thinking.. nommy nommy poison.. oh me dead.  So I tore out the nightshade.