Blessed is the man beloved by two dogs

Over the weekend I visited some furry and not furry friends (Not THAT kind of furry). I have mentioned Bud before. He has been in the family for years and is now my Mom’s dog. He does seem to favor me a bit though.

When I show up he bounces around and wants all the belly rubs. He tends to follow me around. When I go through a doorway, I have to make sure I am to one side because a dog is going to be barreling along beside me.

He knew when I was leaving to head home. He didn’t try to stop me. He lay down in the middle of the floor and looked sad. When I said, “Bye Bud” he just gave me a sad look.

My friend’s dog, Mazie, also loves me. She jumps up and down squealing and whining when I shoe up. Luckily she’s gotten over the piddling in joy.

Chocolate is not mayonnaise

 I was out running errands one day. I had done laundry and eaten lunch. As I headed into a store I reached into my back pocket. In it was a big packet of squishy stuff. It felt like one of those mayonnaise packets you get at restaurants but was way bigger.  I had no idea what it could be. I pulled it out and it was a melted chocolate bar. When I had been doing my laundry I walked over to the store and had bought a soda and a candy bar, but they were 2 for 1 so I got an extra one and stuck it in my back pocket. It had been in there for hours melting away. Luckily it didn’t break.

The best movie ever filmed

I fulfilled one of my bucket list items during the week. I finally saw the greatest movie ever filmed on the big screen. It’s a movie I have seen over 40 times on either tv or video. I can recite the entire script by memory. For the 35th anniversary of the films theater release, they had a limited number of shows. I considered going but it would have required driving for a while and so I let the dream die. But the dream did not die. They have been showing some older movies at my local theater. It just so happens that the greatest movie ever made had a few showings.  I went and it was everything I ever imagined. I am of course referring to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn