This isn’t one of my normal late twtw posts where I am just lazy. Since Sunday I have thought through what happened last week trying to come up with something. It must have been really boring. The only thing that happened is I set up the appointment to have “my” car fixed. So I’ll fill you in on the car saga.

I used to be a car guy. I prided myself that my car payment was more than my rent. I grew up(a bit). The last car I bought was a Ford Fiesta. A tiny little thing with great gas mileage. I sold that car in 2014 and then borrowed my mom’s old C-RV for a few years. It wasn’t a great car but it did the job.  A few months ago I upgraded to my Mom’s 2015 Honda Fit. It has a little problem. Somebody had hit it. The passenger side is a little smashed up.  I finally made the appointment to get it fixed now that it has started to rust. It goes in the shop in 2 Thursdays.