I found this in my drafts. I wonder how long ago I first typed it up. I have vague memories of doing so. I obviously, never posted it. I don’t know why. It was mostly finished. 

The Throw Away Year

When you get my age you probably shouldn’t just throw away an entire year, but I did. What do I mean by a throwaway year? It’s a year in which I didn’t further any of my goals, in fact, I regressed in them. It was a year I lost focus and direction.

I’ve tried to figure out why the year ended up the way it did. I need to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Early in the year, my Uncle died. Over the Thanksgiving break my Grandfather, a man I loved and respected, died.

This is going to sound weird, but time was never right this year. Especially after my Grandpa died. Days didn’t happen they just went away.
I was constantly doing things but nothing was every accomplished. I didn’t get enough sleep and was constantly tired. I seemed to always be busy but nothing was finished. I reminded of the line from Max Payne 3, “Time moves forward, and nothing changes.”  And yet everything changed.

Everything sounds like an excuse.   Everything is an excuse.

My Five Most Popular Posts(Not Music Mondays)

To end all that pointless navel-gazing, I give you my top non-Music Monday posts of the year. In keeping with my general theme for 2017, I didn’t do much on the blog this year. I am actually shocked I kept up with my regular 2 posts a week.