TWTW July 2nd through the 8th: I Make Pesto And Jobu Wants Snuggles

My balcony garden has been coming along nicely. Lots of tomatoes and peppers on the big plants and my herbs have been growing like weeds. I decided to use some of my giant amount of basil to make pesto. It was my first time ever trying to make it myself. I came out pretty well though I think I used too much cheese. Is there such a thing as too much cheese?

Early one morning I awoke to being stabbed in the back over and over by a cats paw. It was way too early for treats. I wasn’t going to get up just to provide some whim of Jobu’s. He could suck it up and deal. I refused to roll over and pretended to be asleep. He stopped poking me and let out a big sigh. I had won. Jobu could wander away and not bother me anymore. He pressed against my back and laid down. He just wanted snuggles. I rolled over and petted him. His purrs filled the room as I fell back asleep.

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