Jobu usually greets me at the door when I come home. The only time this isn’t true is if I come home at an odd time and he is in a deep sleep. One night last week I came home from being out at a very normal time. Jobu didn’t greet me at the door. I looked over at the chair where he was sleeping. It was shrouded in darkness and difficult to see, but I there he was curled up not moving. “Jobu, you gonna come greet daddy,” I said in a soft voice while taking off my shoes. He didn’t move. “Jobu?” He still didn’t move. That’s when it hit me, oh no he’s dead. I yelled out louder, “Jobu!” His head popped up and he blinked at me. “Oh Human I am old.”  He jumped down and stretch a few times before slowly walking over to me.  Jobu is old.