It got hot, really hot. I’ve been driving a new (to me) car for a couple of months. I haven’t gotten around to telling that story but I will at some point, maybe. I noticed that most of the wipers weren’t doing too well.  The main driver side one had a big piece hanging off. So I went to Walmart and bought replacements. I parked in a nice sunny spot and proceeded to change the wiper blades. I believe the official temperature was 1232098509143859048 degrees. Within minutes I was covered in sweat. I began to get confused and disorientated trying to get the old wipers off the hook thingies. I exaggerate. It’s just really hard to get the blades off those little hook things. Once I had finished I did go inside, take a shower, and lay down in front of a fan for a bit. By a bit, I mean a 2-hour nap. It was Sunday.