It was early in the morning and I was lying in bed sleeping. Jobu hopped on the bed and we snuggled and I petted him. Then Jobu’s new friend purple long cat also jumped on the bed and I petted him. Purple long cat was skinny, bright purple and about three feet long not counting his tail. I was talking to Jobu and wondering why he didn’t invite purple long cat over more often. I then woke up and lay there thinking what the #$@#$ is purple long cat.

The spring I had been so cold that I hadn’t got a chance to plant my balcony garden yet. Well with Winter having gone directly to summer I finally had the sun time and weather to get in some stuff. My tomato plants have been terrible the last few years, so this year I just planted one and it is a patio variety that should grow well in a pot. I got some peppers and then the rest is herbs. Mostly basil so I can make pesto.