Sorry you are stuck with a pic of Jobu licking his butt

Winter skipped Spring and went straight to summer. Sunday it was very hot, mid 90s. I spent most of the day huddled in the air conditioning. Jobu acted in a very unusual manner. Jobu is part Maincoon. He is a snowcat. He has long fur and hates the heat.  Once the temp gets near 80 he basically shuts down and just lays on the floor as spread out as he can. So you can imagine my surprise when he demanded to be let out into the 90-degree weather. I let him out expecting him to return to the sanctuary of the air conditioning. He didn’t. He laid out there for hours basking in the oppressive heat. He came in a few time but quickly whined to be let outside again.  I think he might be going senile in his old age.

I wake up in a dark room with the beautiful world outside

I woke up and sat on the edge of the bed. With my feet planted firmly on the floor, I took in my surroundings. The bed was small, smaller than a twin bed. It was more like a cot really, but it was really comfortable. An old alarm clock clad in fake woodgrain sat at the head of the bed and played pleasant music. The bed was pushed back against the wall of the narrow room. A open door to my right led into a bigger room with a sliding glass door leading outside. My room was very dark, almost black. I could barely see the alarm clock. In front of me and slightly to my left was a window. I looked out the window at a perfect world outside. The sky was a deep and perfect blue with few white fluffy clouds. There was also a very quaint and picturesque village out there. I was amazed that none of that brilliant light could get into my darkened room. I realized I was dreaming because a world that perfect couldn’t exist. I decided I wanted to get out into that world and enjoy as much as I could before I woke up. I just needed to stand up and go out the sliding glass door. I tried to stand up but my legs didn’t seem to want to work. I knew if I put too much effort into it I would wake up. I relaxed and stood up and started for the next room. I thought I should turn off the music. I pushed the button on the alarm clock but the music didn’t stop. MREOOOWW! Jobu was in my face. I awoke to the real world and there he was right in my face. MREWWWW!! He yelled again. TREATS!?!!