Man am I late with this one. I am writing this on Saturday. Usually, I don’t know what I want to write about, but this time I knew. I just never got around to writing it down. I have a trick though. I am going to backdate this post to Tuesday so no-one will know I wrote it 5 days late. Just gotta remember to remove this statement.

Over the weekend I went to my Mom’s house. She has inherited my grandparents dog bud. Pictured above. Bud is a wonderful friendly dog. He loves everyone. I meets a person “I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE!” he meets another person “I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE!”  I made him very happy. I took him for several walks. He loves walks. For me, it was more of a force double-time march. He just goes. He doesn’t run but he takes off as fast as he can go, and you better keep up. At night he slept in the bed with me. He never left. If I woke up and rolled over. He adjust himself and curl up into another ball.  He didn’t get up till I did. When I left I had to trick him into thinking I was going out the front door as a snuck out the side door.

The second dog I made happy has been mentioned on this blog before. I visited my friend and her dog, Mazie. I keep expecting Mazie to forget who I am since my visits are so far apart. Boy does she remember me. Every visit is met with an astounding amount of exuberance She whines. She jumps. She excitement piddles.  Of course, she acts this same way if she hasn’t seen you for over five minutes. She also has this cute habit of laying so she can touch both of us at the same time.