In our last installment, the mighty hunter became a mighty hunter and finally killed a living thing. Mr. Mouse was not alone. He had a friend. A couple of days later Jobu was again on the hunt. Jobu had chased the mouse so it was under and behind the subwoofer. I could look behind and see the cute little guy. Jobu patiently stalked his prey. He lay in wait watching the subwoofer. Once in a while he would go up to and poke a paw at it. But the mouse stayed safe. I decided to give the mighty hunter a bit of help. I grabbed a broom and poke and jabbed a the mouse. It took off but it didn’t run out to Jobu. It shot out the side and then froze. I started pointing at it and screaming “JOBU JOBU THE MOUSE THE MOUSE!  He looked at me with an expression of “what your finger?” NO THE MOUSE IS RIGHT THERE!!!  He just stared confused at my finger I grabbed his head and aimed him right at the mouse. MOUSY!! He wriggled free and went back to stalking the now empty subwoofer.  Dude stop bothering me I am trying to catch a mouse here. The mouse regained its senes and scurried off away to hide. A day or so later he finally did get the mouse and presented it to me as a present.

I have a few traps out now were Jobu can’t get but they haven’t gotten anything. Maybe the mice have moved on to less cat infested areas.