I don’t remember almost anything I’ve written on this blog so I will provide some needed background for this post. My Dad has a medical condition that requires 24/7 care. My mom provides most of the care. My Grandma and Grandpa also required 24/7 in-home care so they have had caregivers full time for awhile. Sadly last year my Grandpa passed. My Grandma has been living about 5 hours from my Mom. This lead to an awkward situation. My mom was driving down and staying there and bringing my Dad along, but then she also would often have to come back because my Dad’s doctor etc. was at their place. So after driving herself frazzled for several months, my Mom decided to do what made sense and move my Grandma up to her place. This would cut down on caregiver cost and she wouldn’t have the stress of traveling so much. 
The logistics of the move caused some problems. Someone would need to stay and take care of my dad. Two people would need to drive down in the van. We were going to come back with two vans thus the two people. The old van would be filled to the gills with my Grandma’s stuff. The newer van would have my Grandma, a caregiver who would be helping out for a few days, and the dog. Did I forget to mention the dog?
Bud, the dog would be leaving his farm life behind and become a city dog.
Six am on Saturday morning, did you know there was a six o’clock in the morning, I got up and got dressed. My cousin, my uncle, and I were on the road before 6:30 am. My cousin drove. Now I am not going to admit to any crime but we did make record time. I time that would seem impossible at the legal speed limit. We loaded all the stuff into the old van. Somehow we managed to fit it all.  With my Grandma, the caregiver, and the dog sleeping in his bed our strange menagerie headed north. Even without exceeding the speed limit (too much) the trip past quickly and everybody got unloaded to their new home. I was worried that the country dog might have a problem dealing with the noise etc. of living in town but he seems to be acclimating well.