In Jobu’s old age he has gotten needy. When he wants to go to sleep he goes to whatever cat bed or chair he is going to sleep in and waits.   He waits for me to notice him, then he puts out a pathetic meow asking me to come put him to bed. I pet him and snuggle until he curls into a ball. He will go into the bedroom where I can’t see him and he will just wait. Once I look into the room he will jump on the bed and meow for me to come put him to bed. It’s annoying but kinda cute.

From my bed I can look through the open door and see his main bed which is on top of a desk. One night about 3 in the morning I woke up and looked over. I could see Jobu getting ready to lay down in the bed. He noticed me and meowed for me to come put him to bed. I yelled at him “It’s four o’clock in the morning! I am not putting you to bed. Go to sleep.” My neighbors must think I am crazy.