I wake up on a Sunday but it was a Tuesday

I woke up in the dark and looked over at the clock it said 5 am. I felt wonderful, well rested and calm. A sense of peace filled me. Best of all it was Saturday so I could sleep as late as I wanted. Suddenly I felt horrible.  I had a pounding headache. My stomach filled with nasuia and heart burn ravaged my throat.  Worst of all I realized it was actually Tuesday.

Old Jobu still gets the zoomies

Jobu is old. He will be 15 years old soon. He spends most of his time sleeping or just sitting around begging for treats. But he is still a cat. Even old Jobu gets the zoomies.  I woke up early Saturday morning about six in the morning. Jobu was sprinting from one end of the apartment to the other making mreow mreow mreow noises. He attacked the walls and jumped on the bed several times. The bit of energy didn’t last long and he shortly went back to sleeping.