I make Alexa confuse Jobu

So far my Alexa has been mostly useless which is what I thought it would be. Besides asking it the weather in place I don’t live, I’ve found one other fun thing to do with it. Alexa Meow!  Alexa then plays one of several cats meowing sounds. Jobu gets all excited about his new cat friend and tries to find them. It’s really funny.

Ice makes smashy

A blizzard hit the northern part of the state with many places getting over a foot of snow. Down here in the center we got a tiny dusting of snow to start. Then the weird weather hit. What was weird about it? It was in the mid 20s F but raining. Needless to say, everything got covered in ice. I did not leave my apartment at all on Sunday. I was playing around on my computer when I heard, SMASH! I look outside and one of my neighbors had crashed into the back of a pick-up truck while trying to park. The front end of her little car was all smashed up.  When I looked later I couldn’t even find a scratch on the truck’s bumper. Moral of the story, buy a pick-up truck.