I Get An Ouchy

I am not sure how I did it but I injured my rib. I think it might have been a Saturday ago when I moved some furniture around in my apartment. It doesn’t hurt most of the time, just sometimes when I cough or roll over in bed. It’s not nearly as bad as the time I tore a muscle eight years ago. I found that Bio Freeze spray does wonders.

The Weird People Made a Flat Planet to Confuse the People on the Normal Planet

When we flew out in our rocket into space, we realized that the weird alien guys from Dark City had been running an experiment on our planet. There was a normal spherical planet but the weird aliens had mad a flat version of that planet right next to it. Our spaceship was rushing toward the sun which was the ceiling. We had to abandon the ship and head back to the planet before it was too late. We launched four of the crew members but me and another person staid until it was almost too late.  When he jettisoned off in our space suits we were so close I could touch the ceiling. We used our jet to send us back to the planet before we got too far away from its gravity. On the way back we got caught for a bit in the gravity of the planet’s three moons that all seemed really close to each other.  We escaped that made sure we headed to the real spherical planet and not the fake flat one the aliens had made.  I woke up.

The Minnesota Vikings Follow Galaxy Quests advice