When last we met, I was going to bed feeling feverish and sick. I expected to call into work sick the next morning. I woke up early and felt perfectly fine.  I lay there amazed at how quickly the sickness passed. I got up and fed the cat. It became readily apparent that I was not fine. I was feverish and weak and had trouble standing up. I called in sick and went back to bed. I slept until 11 am.  I was up for a couple of hours and then took a 2 hour nap. I didn’t start feeling better until late Tuesday.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it on here, but I got an Alexa talky thing for Christmas. I haven’t found it super useful yet. I  mostly use it to play music through a bluetooth speaker. I have found one inspiring/depressing thing to do with it during the frigid Illinois winter.

Me- Weather, please?
Alexa- It is currently 7 degrees (F)
Me- Sigh… Weather Nice France?
Alexa- In Nice France it is currently 54 degrees (F)
Me- MEGA SUPER SIGH! Thank you.