Traditionally Christmas for me is very much a family thing. Everybody gets together and we have big meals etc. Not so much this year. My family was all dispersed. There was no get together.  Christmas ended up being just Jobu and I. I don’t buy Jobu presents.  My gift to him each year is putting up with him.
My mom was back home for New Years eve weekend so I did head up and see my parents then and exchanged gifts. I also saw Elf the musical on New Year’s Eve. I have never seen the movie and neither had several people at the play. I really enjoyed it. I highly recommend you see it if you get the chance.

It got really cold later in the week. In fact, as I was driving home New Year’s Eve I watched the thermometer on my car drop and drop.  It was like I was driving through a pocket of cold air. It went down to minus nine F. I had the heat on full blast and the car was getting colder. Ice began forming on the inside of the windows and I started to think I might need to put my gloves back on. I few miles later the temp climbed all the way up to a balmy -2.

Here’s the soundtrack to Elf the Musical