I was sleeping in a bed I have never been in, in a room I have never been in, in a house that didn’t exist. Suddenly someone was in the bed with me and kept kicking me until I fell off the end of the bed. I got angry, jumped on the bed and started punching the person in the face. I realized I was dreaming and tangled up in my blankets. I forced myself to wake up. I was laying in my own bed. The owner of the local bowling alley was in the living room getting ready to interview some people for a job. Somebody I didn’t know was in my bedroom and they said something stupid I couldn’t remember. I yelled out, “That’s a really stupid thing to say.” This woke me up. I was stilled tangled up in my sheets but the guy in the bedroom was gone. The owner of the bowling alley was still in the living room. He helpfully told me that he was putting the candidates in the green room so we could interview them later. There was a SPLOOSH of a cat sneeze and I woke up in my own bed. The bed was real. Jobu was real. I was actually awake. I had inceptioned myself.

On Sunday it snowed. I love snow. Sadly it got really cold after that.