A controversial call near the end of Sundays Pittsburgh Steelers versus New England Patriots game help decide the game in the favor of the Patriots.  Very shortly after the game ended I tweeted.

I’d like to congratulate the refs on winning the #NEvsPIT game.

— wonky73 (@wonky73) December 18, 2017

This tweet must have been seen and retweeted by somebody like a sports personality, cause it exploded.  Now in the past, when I have written snarky or funny comments about a sports game and used the popular hashtag, I’ve gotten around ten retweets and some likes. Currently, this tweet has 297 retweets, 689 likes, and over 80000 people have seen it. I look forward to getting my internet money in the mail.

The funniest part to me is that the call was correct. As they were showing the replays during the review I realized it wasn’t a catch according to the stupid rule. I just hate the Patriots.