When I went out in the early afternoon it was warm and I had dressed in t-shirt and jeans. I walked to one of my favorite local haunts, the bowling alley A few hours later I decided to head home. Stepping outside I encountered a steady drizzle and the temperature had fallen what seemed to be about 20 degrees. I did not look forward to my walk home. First, I went to the counter and asked if maybe somebody had left an umbrella behind that I could steal and claim as my own. There wasn’t one. I knew of another option. I checked out the coat rack. It’s the unofficial lost and found. People put coats, hats, and other things people leave behind on the coat rack. There was even somebodies ID hanging from it. About a week ago, my friend pointed out to me a nice Blackhawks’ zip-up hoodie that he said had been there for a couple of weeks. It was still there. I decided the abandoned hoodie was going to mine. At least for the walk home. I wore it home. I might take it and put it back.