We Get a Bit of Rain

We did finally get some rain on Monday. By some, I mean a lot. We got a couple of inches in an hour. It half filled back up the retention pond. But, it hasn’t rained since so it has all dried up again.

Weird Dream of the Week

I walked out of the door on my grandparents’ old house and started walking toward the back. The Russian army was coming down the road. They were showing off with drifting and spinning their tanks and missile launchers. This seemed perfectly normal so I just continued around the house. I realized I had gone out with no shoes. I was just wearing socks that were starting to get wet from the grass. I took off my socks and continued back toward the barn. A bunch of people were wandering around. A kid (by kid I mean a person of college age) found a cell phone on the ground. He picked it and started making jokes about it. The owner of the phone came bad and got mad. He dragged the kid off and was going to hurt him. I thought somebody should help the kid so I looked under the chair that was out there. I knew there were some gold clubs under it. The first club I got out was a left handed one so I put it back and grabbed another one. I chased after the two into the sporting goods aisle they had gone into. They guy grabbed a baseball bat off the wall and I took off a weird hockey stick with a pointy end. I poked at him a few times but got bored. “Do whatever you want, ” I told him and wandered back around the Walmart still holding the golf club. I wandered around taking a few practice swings when the handle broke off. I threw it in a near by garbage can. I then noticed a nice display of cheap clothes. I thought I could use some new t-shirts and polos so I started looking at them. I realized I didn’t have my phone with me and decided I should head back to my Grandparents house because people might start getting worried.  Then I woke up. I lay there realizing it had all been a dream and marveled how all of it made perfect sense during the dream.