The Return of the Real Rain Walk

Everybody who knows me, knows I love walking in the rain. Give me a mist up to a nice soaking rain and I’ll do everything I can to be out in it. I also walk for exercise almost every day (Yes! I spelled exercise correctly the first time). During these walks, I almost always listen to podcasts.  Saturday morning a perfect walking rain rolled in. It switched between a shower and a nice soaking rain. I grabbed my rain coat, my phone, and my headphones.  With the rain coming down I didn’t start up my podcasts. I remembered the old days when I would go for long walks with only the sounds of my own thoughts, well that and all the noises around me. I got soaked as I wandered around the neighborhood thinking about all sorts of important and unimportant stuff. I only saw one other person during the hour I was out. He must also be a rain walker since we both cheerfully said “Morning,” when we passed.