Early Wednesday morning, Jobu woke me up. The sky had just begun to lighten and the birds were chirping, so I guess it was about 5 am. There’s nothing surprising about Jobu waking me up early in the morning. A few times a night he jumps on the bed  and needs attention. If he want treats or to be let out he whines a bit. I ignore him. If he just wants snuggles and pets he lays down next to me and purrs. This morning he woke me not by jumping on the bed or whining. I awoke to him in the other room meowing plaintively. I wondered if something was really wrong, so I got up and went to see him. He was laying on the floor so I started to pet him. He purred in response. I checked if maybe ants had gotten into his food or maybe he was out of water. Nothing seemed amiss. I went back to him and  petted him some more. After some more pets and purrs he got up and wandered off. I realized that was all he wanted. He made me get up and pet him in the dark.

Over the weekend I went to see my parents and check out a  friends new house. I had to take a new route to the new house. I checked it out before I left. I memorized the few basic turns I need to get there. It was all pretty straight forward. I checked out the street signs as I passed so I wouldn’t miss my turn. I saw a name I recognized and realized the next stop light should be my turn. Nope. It was another 3 miles down the road. I almost missed the second turn because it didn’t look right. I moved some boxes and put together an battery powered lawn mower. Mostly I loved on a dog. At the old place my friend wanted me to put this statue of a dragon she had on her lawn into the back of her car.  It was stone and about the size of a throw pillow. How heavy could it be?  Pretty heavy once I started trying to pick it off the ground.  Kneeling on the ground, I managed to get it into my arms and off the ground. Then I realized I had to stand up. I managed to get my left leg planted firmly on the ground. I pushed with all my might trying to stand up. Nothing happened. My friend had to come over and give me a help up.