Weekly Weather Update #1 The Temps

The week started off extremely hot, like in the 90s hot. The funny thing is, shortly after Summer officially started it got way cooler. The weekend has been almost near perfect weather, sunny with temps in the 70s.

Weekly Weather Update #2 Slight Chance of Rain means it Rains Every Day

For three days straight, starting on the Summer solstice, we had a small, about 20%, chance of rain each day.  Yep, it rained every single one of those days.  The rain did give us a nice rainbow or two:

But the rain and the clouds did interfere with one of my plans. On the solstice I wanted to head over and take a picture of the upwell statue showing the sun at it’s highest most northerly point. By the time I got out there the sky was overcast and rain had just started.

Later that day, I tried to get a picture of the Sun settings but it was still cloudy. So this pic from a couple of days latter will have to suffice.

The Weekend

The weather over the weekend was almost perfect. I tried to spend as much time outside as I could. On Sunday I made homemade pizza
And Jobu spent the day outside being old.