So like last week, we were predicted to have huge amounts of rain and possible flooding. Thursday morning I lay in bed listening to the sound of falling rain. Jobu snuggled by my side purring away like a motor boat. I would need to be getting up soon but we were enjoying a nice relaxing moment before the start of the day.  Jobu and I drifted right on the edge of asleep and awake. ALARM ALARM!!!!!!!!! AUUUGA AUUUUGA A loud piercing alarm sound shocked me awake and the whole room seemed to be shaking. Jobu jumped up in horror and sprinted out of the room. My fogged mind tried to clear.  It was the aliens.. no the russians. .no wait it was the alien invasion.. My time had finally come. I soon realized the bedlam was coming from my phone. It sat across the room letting off the horrible klaxon sound and vibrating like mad.  I stumbled out of bed and picked it up. Flash flood warning.  I don’t care I am on the second floor. Why is this thing going nuts.  I checked the settings and somehow the alarm warnings had gotten turned back on.