What a Dreary Day

The forecast for this weekend was for it to rain biblical proportions. They predicted 4 to 5 inches. So it came as no surprise Saturday morning that when Jobu woke me up it was dark dreary and raining. Even Jobu seemed whiney and depressed. His morning feeding didn’t draw much excitement. It was the normal time I wake up to get ready for work. After I fed the cat,  I decided that despite being still tired from staying up late, I would get up. I could take a nap in the afternoon. I do like a good nap. Of course, I came to this decision while lying in bed petting a purring Jobu. When I woke up again it was almost 10:30. It was still dark and rainy and I felt blah. I tend to think of myself as a person who isn’t affected too much by my surrounding emotionally. Clearly, I was wrong. I got up and moped around a bit. Jobu didn’t even want to get up He just looked up at me and curled back up as if to tell me I was on my own on this day. I walked from room to room trying to get my day started. I decided to really get myself going. I turned on all the lights in my place. Found out a couple of old lamps I hadn’t turned on in years still worked. I put on some upbeat music and made some coffee. I got myself moving by starting to clean the place. I always feel a little better on the rare moments that my place is clean. All this activity had woken Jobu up, so I vacuumed. By the time noon rolled around I was pretty upbeat.

Sunday was another dreary and super rainy day for me. But I enjoyed myself by going to see a really wonderful production of Jesus Christ Superstar