My boring life pretty much revolves around my cat. I am either petting the cat, feeding the cat, being annoyed with the cat, or the cat is being annoyed with me.

The King on His Throne

The High King gets Angry

Jobu believes he is the high king of the household and he’s mostly right. He allows me to sleep a few ways. I can sleep on my back so he can lay along my side. I can lay on my right side then he sits in front of me. What he doesn’t like is when I sleep on my left side facing the wall. This is only allowed if he is asleep in the other room and doesn’t notice. If he catches me sleeping on my left side I will get forcefully jabbed in my back with a paw. BAM BAM BAM. You’d be surprised how much power he can get behind that little paw. Early Monday morning I was lying on my right side with the covers pulled up covering most of my face. I finally had enough and yelled “what!” at him. He looked at me to make sure I was awake and then wandered off.

Why is it cold in here

Tuesday morning I woke up a few times and felt a cool breeze blowing over me. I thought maybe I had left some windows open or something, but I just pulled the covers tighter.  When I got up it seemed really chilly. I checked the thermometer on the wall and it was only 58.  It had gotten into the 40s outside overnight but why had it gotten so cold inside. That’s when I remembered that a few days earlier I had turned off the heat when it got up to 70.

Dat Pitiful Whine

Sunday morning I was lying in bed and Jobu was trying to wake me up making the most pitiful and annoying sound in his repertoire of pitiful and annoying sounds. This one is just a eeeeeeee over and over. I assumed he just wanted a treat. I ignored him for awhile but eventually, it just got to funny. I started laughing at him and his pitiful sound. He walked off in a huff. I let him wait a couple of minutes so he would not think I was rewarding his whining. When I did get up I noticed his dish was completely empty of food. “Daddy I am going to DIE!!!” was what his pitiful whine indicated. Now I am sure he had just finished the last bit of food and was good for not starving for days, but he is a cat.