Sometime last weekend I began to notice a smell in my car every time I got in it. The smell was strongest near the rear driver’s side seat. It didn’t smell like gas. If it had smelled like gas I would have noped right on out of there. (Hip internet slang reference)

It smelled chemical and kind of sweet, sort of like an industrial cleaner that had some sent added.

That Monday after work I decided to try and find out where the smell was coming from. Under the driver’s seat, I found…

Pennies for scale

That had once been an orange. It had shrunk to about 1/4 it’s original size. If it is from when I think it is, it rolled under there sometime in early winter. Because of the temperature it never had a chance to fully root and so it sort of half rotted half dried out. I threw it away. The smell has not immediately gone away but does seem to be fading after about a week.