That’s a Lot of Squirrels  

I woke up early Monday morning. I had trouble getting back to sleep. I was thinking through some stuff relevant to a blog post I had been writing. I lay there and became aware of a distant sort of rumbling sound. I wondered if it might be construction far away or some trucks on the highway. My fog filled brain finally recognised the sound of distant thunder.

I would have preferred to have been asleep since I had to work in the morning. I wasn’t distraught because I had gone to be before ten the night before. I hadn’t really noticed the storm getting closer but all the sudden it was here. Crashing lightning right outside my window with rolling thunder shaking the place. Rain began to pound against the window and I fell almost immediately asleep. The sound of the rain was the last thing I remembered. About and hour later, the sound of a squirrel running along the roof woke me up. The sound multiplied until it sounded like an entire scurry of squirrels were running along the roof. I lay there and thought, “That’s a lot of squirrels.” That’s when I realised it was hail hitting the roof. It stopped after less than a minute and I rolled over and fell back asleep.

Hair Today Gone tomorrow

Interesting factoid about me; I get my hair cut about twice a year. I get my hair cut and then let it grow to five or six inches. When it gets to the point that I can’t stand it, I get it cut again.  On Friday I decided it was time and walked down to the local cheap hair cut place. Here is the pile of hair left over from buzzing off my flowing tresses of manly hair.