I need to really start putting some effort into these things.  I know early in the week there was something that happened that I wanted to write about but I cannot remember it at all.
Oh, wait now I remember what happened. It started the week before and only came to a conclusion last week. This is mostly another, that boy ain’t right story.  The previous Friday I came home and starting taking things out of my pockets. I put my headphones on the kitchen counter. I noticed that one of the soft plastic/rubber ear things was missing. I remember as clear as day reaching into my pocket, finding the ear thingy, and putting it back onto the headphones.  I went about my night as usual. When I woke up the next morning I went into the kitchen and noticed that the ear thingy was gone. I started looking around trying to find it. I thought maybe I hadn’t put it on right or it had rolled away. Then I started worrying that maybe Jobu had eaten it. He doesn’t go up on the counters but maybe it rolled of etc.  I looked everywhere. I even went outside and checked in the parking lot. So I spent the next several days watching Jobu to see any signs of blockage or problems. Nothing happened. Everything worked out in the end. I have become almost convinced that the whole memory of putting the earpiece back on the headphones is false and that I really just dropped it somewhere else.  I did an experiment and left a treat on the counter to see if it gets eaten. It didn’t.

Also, we had one final (hopefully) snow on Monday.