I missed out on last weeks update because I was too sick. Well I am still sick. As I write this I have been some version of sick for almost a week and a half. It’s some sort of cold that just will not go away. I snot, I have a tickle in my throat that sends me into coughing fits. Most of all I am really tired.  Like sleep for 12 hours tired. I stayed up till 1 am on Friday night. I did not get up until 1 pm Saturday. And I was still tired all day.  Though I do think some of my willingness to sleep forever is do to taking generic Niquil before bed. That stuff just puts me out for ever.  I keep waking up each morning wondering if this will be the day the cold is gone.

I am sure I have said it before but I dream a lot. I remember my dreams almost every day. I have some re-occurring characters and places in my dreams. I often realize I am dreaming with leads to lucid dreaming. During one of my long sleep sessions while being sick I had a dream that kept repeating, sort of.  The dreams took place in one of my re-occurring places. A nice hotel in some town in like Indiana.  Not a really big town, someplace like Terre Haute. I kept ending up outside the hotel and trying to get back to the hotel. Sometimes I made it sometimes I didn’t. This repeated three for four times. The last time, I remembered the previous iterations of the dream. I stopped on the sidewalk and looked around thinking, “Is this another re-occurring dream or is it real this time?” I looked at the blue sky and the trees around me. I took in the details and decided this was real, which is the only time I can remember getting it wrong. I always know when it is a dream.