On Wednesday it snowed. We had been warned that it could be 2 to 3 inches. In fact the storm headed east and pounded New York.  In total we only got about an inch. That night it got cold. The windchill was in the single digits F. I went to trivia night as usual. When it is cold out I like to get a ride back home from a friend of mine, but he wasn’t showing up till late. The walk wasn’t that far so I decided to bundle up and head home. As I trudged through the snow, a half grown bunny came charging at me full speed through the snow. I froze so as not to scare her but she saw me. There was the slightest hesitation and then she changed directions ninety degrees and lunged under a fence. I never did find out what had scared her so much. I didn’t see that at full tilt the little bunny was covering six feet of distance in each hop.  That’s one fast bunny.

Friday the weather warmed quickly.

This is the temp Friday morning when I left for work.

This is what it was like when I got home that evening.

Sunday I went to the grocery store. I think it might almost be Valentine’s day.