Don’t read this one mom 🙂

The cough was back with a vengeance. All day long I had coughing fits that didn’t seem to do anything.  Like normal on a Monday I went out to the bowling alley. The cough continued but I didn’t think much of it.  At home I started to get a headache but most importantly started getting tired. I decided to go to bed early. As I brushed my teeth and got ready to go to sleep I started thinking about all the things I could do in the morning since I could get up early.  The coughing continued. I climbed into bed and pulled three layers of covers over me. I noticed a miracle. If I lay on either side I had no urge to cough. I cocooned myself up in the 3 blankets and got nice and warm. This was going to be a great night sleep. It was so warm. It got warmer.   And warmer. Than I was hot… and on fire. I was a dragon filled with lava. I fell into a fitful fevered sleep. When I fought my way back to consciousness I tried to roll over. I barely had the strength. After a couple of more hours of non restful sleep. I needed to get up to pee, drink a glass of water and take a couple of asparin to help break the fever. I tossed the covers off and lay there for a bit. The air was freezing on my skin. I sat up on the edge of the bed for a big shivering. I stood up and was instantly dizzy and week. I stumbled into the bathroom. I decided if I fell I’d just sleep on the floor.  I drank a glass of water and popped three aspirin in hopes that they would help the fever. I fell back into bed and pulled all the covers over myself and proceeded to be fire again. Sometime between 3 and 4 in the morning the fever broke. I was covered in sweat. I kicked off most of the covers and basked in the cooling soothing air.  I got up and drunk another glass of water to replace all  I was sweating out. I was still weak and dizzy.
The next two days my fever stayed over 100 degrees most of the time. I felt weak and spent a lot of time trying to sleep. I never did get much in the way of good sleep. I kept having fever dreams about getting a list right. If I could just get the list right I would be able to sleep. On the third day I managed to get some real sleep as the fever dropped below 100.

As of writing this on Saturday night, only a cough remains. The headache and fever are gone. Though I did sleep for 11 hour Friday night to Saturday morning.