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400th Post!!!!!!

Well here it is everybody my 400th post since restarting this blog on March 6th 2013

The traditional 100x post celebration gif

That’s more posts in about 4 years than I believe I posted in the entire ten years previously. This may be the longest in my life I have kept up at a hobby.  A lot of these posts are low effort. I mean 52 posts a year are music Mondays, but I really like those posts. I enjoy cataloging interesting music I hear throughout the week. I often go back and listen to old ones. I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a little explanation of why I’ve chosen that song.

I have been disappointed with the that was the week posts but I still really like the initial intention. They are meant to be a record of my life so that I can look back in the future and remember. I originally started writing something about every day. Lately it’s become a quickly typed up memory of a single event or two. I want to keep doing them but my try something different. I don’t know if any of you, my few reader, enjoy them at all but they are really for me.
What is the point of the blog? Right now, it is just for me. It is a log of bits of my life. It could be many other things. I could use it to make money and get famous. I could use it to inform and educate; become a real Slackers Guide to Life. If I really wanted to draw some eyeballs I would start up a political blog. I could go either snarky conservative or resistance the evil fascist.    what probably wouldn’t sell would be a dispassionate intelligent look at the complex issues of modern government. That’s the problem my political posts always seem in the middle when people want frothing at the mouth irrationality. I might be better off restarting my tech blog. It shocked me with the views it drew.
Right now, I have only decided for sure on two things going forward. I am not going to stop and I am going to switch back to wordpress at some point in the future. It is just a superior platform.

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  1. Liene

    congrats on the milestone!

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