I was doing normal things around my place. I got something out of the bedroom and Jobu followed me in there. He acts like a dog sometimes. I go about doing whatever it was I was doing. About five minutes later I realize I hadn’t seen Jobu come out of the bedroom.  I go in there and look around a bit. I glance in the closet. I check out on the balcony since I had left that door open for him. No Jobu. I assumed he had just hidden under the bed for some reason.  About ten more minutes pass and I still haven’t seen him. I decide to check under the bed just to be sure. He isn’t under there. I do another look around the place calling out his name.  I start to get a little worried that maybe he jumped off the balcony. He is stupid that way. I then remember that I got something out of the hall closet. I go up to the door and say “Jobu you in there?”. No response. I open the door and there he is just sitting patiently on the floor. Without making a sound he just got up and walked out. I was like “Why didn’t you meow when I was calling?”