The work week was a normal week. I don’t really remember most of it. I am sure stuff happened, Jobu probably did something funny, and there was weather.
Saturday I went on a little trip/adventure. I drove downstate. The two main reasons for my trip was to see my Grandpa, he recently turned 98, and to help a friend on his property.  On the way down I though I would stop by and see a house my mom has bought near where my grandparents live. My mom plans on moving them into the house once it is ready. It can be a little odd to get to and is in a part of the country down there I have never been to. I assumed I wouldn’t have a data signal so I had memorized( I thought) how to get there. I found the first turn, then the second.  I then took a wrong turn and another and another. I wandered around a lake I hadn’t known was there until a few days ago. I finally pulled out my phone and got a location but still couldn’t find the place.  I finally went back to a rode a new and decided to just go see my Grandpa. 
After visiting my Grandpa I visited the new house. I got a data signal and had been able to map out the way. I checked out the house and then started north driving along small country roads. As I drove through the countryside I marveled at the beauty around me. The land is gently rolling fields and woods filled with life. I realized this is my God’s country. I would like to live in the south of France but I want to retire to southern Illinois. Yeah that is weird. 
I eventually ended up in Omega. Where I visited the world famous Omega General Store.