I Fall go Boom

Monday I went out to lunch with my boss. We needed to go to Best Buy to pick something up. On the way out of the store, I was talking about something technical. My boss went around a curb and I went over it. I stumbled a bit as I stepped over. I lost my train of thought and started trying to make my point again. I realized I wasn’t regaining my balance.  This confused me. This was a simple task. My weight pitched more and more forward as I started to accelerate. It dawned on my that I wasn’t going to save this and was about to face plant into the Best Buy parking lot. As I flashed by my bemused boss my face was heading right to the pavement. I managed to turn my body and slammed down with my elbow and knee taking most of the impact. I scraped up my palms a bit and my cheek just grazed the asphalt.

My boss started frantically asking what happened and if I was ok. I lay there shocked but took stock and realized I had escaped most serious damage. The most annoying results of the tumble wasn’t the bruised knee ( still bruised as I write this) or my painful elbow. The worst part didn’t show up later that day. I had sprained my big toe.  It made it painful to walk or stand. In fact,  It is still a  little sore.

They’re Using Artillery on Us!

Over the weekend, winter came in with a vengeance. I think it was one of them polar vortex thingies. But before that happened things warmed up and it rained Friday and Saturday…. actually I am wrong it iced. Everything got covered in a layer of ice. My car, the streets, the sidewalks, everything. Then it got cold.  And I mean really cold.

That’s F by the way for those of you in the rest of the world. It’s only gotten this cold a few times since I have lived in this building. But a weird things happen to this building when it gets this cold. I woke up about 4 am to the worrying sound of banging and popping. It sounded like someone was throwing bowling balls at the side of the building. I have no idea what makes that sound but I just hoped it would end so I could go back to sleep.