It also snowed. Nothing to do with washing dishes

I live alone ( well except for Jobu but he doesn’t do any domestic chores) and my apartment has a dish washing machine, so my process for dishes is simple. When I have dirty dishes I rinse them off
and put them in the dish washer. When the dish washer gets full I grab one of those little plastic things full of detergent and start it up. At this point I usually just let the new dirty dishes just pile up until I finally give in and unload the dish washer and start the process over again.

On Saturday the dish washer was full. I popped in the detergent, slammed the door shut, turned the dial, and walked away.  But, there was no sound. I jiggled the dial. I open and closed the door. I even checked the breaker. Nothing worked. What did I do now? I had all sorts of dirty dishes. I guess I’d just have to throw them  out and buy new dishes.

I filled the sink with hot water, found an old expired bottle of dish soap, and went to work hand washing dishes. On a side note: how does dish soap expire??!!! I mean it still worked fine even expired by years.  It’s soap. I had to find a clean rag to dry the dishes but over the next 2 days I managed to wash all those dishes đŸ™‚