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It was a cold and icy night. The kind of night were smart people huddle at home and watch netflix. I had only one problem. I had committed a grave and unforgivable sin. I had let us run out of gushy cat food. I groveled and attempted to explain to the angry fuzzy face. I was soooo sorry but it was horrible outside. You can’t send me out in this!!!!  The old furry patriarch did not relent and I was cast out onto the icy roads.

It wasn’t that bad. I got to the store and purchased the all important gushy food. After feeding the manor lord I went to get my phone for something. I couldn’t find it. I searched the apartment to no avail. I went out to the care were the ice had started to coat everything. I looked under the seats. I looked everywhere. Then I had an idea. I have a bluetooth dongle thing in the car that will connect if it’s close to the phone. I turned it on.  No connection. The phone was not in the car. I was not sure if the range is good enough for me to confirm that the phone was not in my place. I cleaned the ice off and slowly drove to the grocery store. I drove near where I had parked thinking that maybe the phone had fallen out of my pocket. I kept the bluetooth on an listened to the tone indicating a connection. Nothing. I went inside and asked if anybody had turned in a phone. Nope. I drove home defected thinking someone had stole my phone.

I searched the apartment one more time. Then I remembered I had a bluetooth speaker that the phone automatically connected to. I grabbed the speaker and turned it on.  I waited watching the blue led blink. “Connected” came the response. So the phone was here.  I searched everywhere. I looked in the garbage. I looked in the freezer. I looked under things. I walked into the bathroom defected. It was sitting on the bathroom counter.