I have continued waking up early since the time change.  In fact I even got in a couple of workouts in the morning before going to work. I really like the extra time in the morning. For the last several years my mornings have consisted of waking up and then rushing around frantically to arrive to work late. 

What else can I talk about?  What else could have happened this week??  Tuesday morning after going for a jog in a light drizzle I went and voted. As the results came in I, like most people, became more and more shocked. Almost all predictions got it wrong. We went into this election with many predicting this might be the end of the Republican party. In fact the Democratic party is the one in turmoil. Not only did the Republican party win the Presidency, but they control both houses of Congress and will gain control of the Supreme Court.

 I have a lot more to say about it than I am here. I don’t know If I will ever write the thousands of words I have come up with over the last several days.