The most important thing that happened this week was obviously the Cubs winning the World Series. But I already wrote about that.  The whole year was amazing. They begin with such an amazing start. Arrieta started the years with the most amazing run of pitching I have ever seen. They stumbled a bit before the all star break. I got so distraught that I declared that the Cubs would not even make the playoff.  Boy was I wrong. The easily won the division and cruised into the playoffs.  The playoffs were very stressful but still amazing to watch.  Being the eternal pessimist I couldn’t the Cubs out many times but they kept finding the ways to win when they had to. Once they were down 3-1 games in the World Series I came to terms with them not winning. I got myself all ready to appreciate the great year they had and to be prepared for a good run next year. And lo and behold they pulled it off winning three games in a row.

The other big event of last week was the good time change. I love falling back. Suddenly I can wake up all early and get to work on time. It usually only lasts a week or so but It’s wonderful for the little bit of time it lasts. In fact on Sunday I got up early and have done all my laundry by 9:30 am. I  then went for a jog and had a very productive day.  YEAH FALL BACK TIME CHANGE