It was Thanksgiving week here in the US. That meant time off from work. But this post will be mostly about weather.

Between Saturday and Sunday we went from Spring to Winter in one day. Saturday it was about 70 degrees and then the rain came. It rained and rained and rained into Sunday.  Sunday the temps dropped to 40. As I sat in my place listening to the rain fall outside I decided to take a video mostly for the sound.  Some stupid train had to come by and ruin it.

I had a good Thanksgiving. I spent time with my parents and my  oldest brother eating good food and watching a lot of football.

On Friday I bought a new phone during “Black Friday”. I had been nursing along the  cheap phone I had bought a couple  of years ago. It had gotten to the point were it was difficult to get it to charge and the notification LED no longer worked.

Saturday night I went to bed really early (for me) at 10:30. I woke up early and went for a walk in the cold.  It was really foggy.

There are trees not that far away

Later that day I was sitting on my computer with the Bears game (OHH are they terrible this year) just starting. I looked over to see the opening kickoff and things looked really foggy on the field. I wondered if they set off a bunch of fire works before the game. I minute later I glance over at Jobu all curled up in his bed. Wow it was also all foggy over by Jobu.. Wait a minute? Did I leave the burner on. I rushed into the kitchen were burnt butter smoke was pouring out of the frying pan I had left on the stove.  In the almost 40 degree weather I had to open the windows and turn on the fan for about a half hour to clear out the smoke.