Every Day is Friday 

So my boss went on a vacation this week. He will be out until after Thanksgiving. He left Tuesday at noon. This lead to the week long running gag that everyday was Friday.  We’d leave the office saying “See you next week.”  The problem is that the human brain is stupid. I actually started getting confused that it was Friday. I would go to bed thinking, “Glad it’s Friday I can sleep in tomorrow.” Then I would wake up all happy it was Saturday only to remember that in fact it was Wednesday. When It actually got to be Friday I thought it was Thursday.

Seasons Change Quickly

Saturday morning the temperature hovered in the upper 60s. Then the rain came. Lots of rain blowing sideways. By the next day it was below freezing. That’s the way weather works here in Illinois. We tend to skip Spring and Fall. 

The Vacuum is Dead

There is a monster that lives in Jobu’s very own house. It spends most of the time sleeping but don’t be deceived. It will awake.  THE VACUUM!!!!  The Vacuum is the only creature that can both howl and eat at the same time. It has a particular taste for Jobu fur.  Sunday morning the Vacuum awoke and proceeded to try and eat all the Jobu fur. The Vacuum had trouble eating up all the floor. It didn’t seem to be sucking very well. So I dissected the Vacuum as seen above. For some reason this terrified Jobu even more than usual. I thought he would be happy to see is live in nemesis in pieces.  I tinkered a bit and put it back together. I did find a bolt it had sucked up. As of writing this I haven’t tried it out to see if I actually fixed anything.

$%# Happens

Just a short funny happening I remembered. I put Jobu’s….uhh. waste in a plastic shopping bag that I have in a little trash can. I then tie it up and throw it away. I was taking the bag out when it ripped open. Used litter and poop fell to the floor. I stepped on a bit and yelled out a very common exclamation.  I then looked at what I had stepped on, said out loud “literally” and started laughing.